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We have our presence in all major parts of the country, with the Corporate Office located in Maryland.

Progressive Industrialists are always much conscious of the importance of SECURITY. Landmark’s mission is to provide innovative, cost effective protective solutions to ensure the safety and security of the assets of any organization with out eliciting any labors unrest.
Security as the word implies must aim at securing complete freedom from fear and offer complete protection to industrial holdings both in men and material, so that the Management can concentrate freely and completely on the other major productive functions such as planning, production, distribution etc., in order to gain Industrial advancement.

Relit Global Shipping Company will strive to preserve the security and improve the protection of the personnel/material/resources of the facilities.

Our Clients
Our Clients profile is wide ranging. From the leaders of industry to small – scale industrialists, we serve all of them with the same efficiency and commitment. We cater to individual security needs of private persons. VIP bungalows too are covered by us.
We serve the Multinationals. We serve the Corporate world and small business with equal dedication, Garment factories, Manufacturing Industries, Trade centers, Large shopping malls, Retail outlets, Mega live events.

What our clients are saying about us: 

Professionalism is evident in all people of Relit Global Shipping Company . They are perfect and stick to the commitment, which has totally relieved us from our security related fears and made us to concentrate on our core work. We are really happy to associate with Relit Global Shipping Company..

Our management would like to take this opportunity in appreciating your your delivery service for ensuring proper delivery of all our parcel, package and taking good effort in securing most of our campsite equipments. We say a big Thank you.
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Mrs. Oliver McIntyre

“The support system provided to us by Relit Global Shipping Company is terrific.
We are satisfied with their performance.

Manager – Operations Brantly International: Thank You Climax Group